Puppetry is an art form that is part of the world's cultural heritage. Used for centuries in ritual, education and performance, today it is sometimes thought of as simply children's entertainment. However, it still remains a powerful form of theater arts that can delight, inform and instruct all ages.

Over the past 10 years we have performed in dozens of cities and in over ten states. We are active members of local, national, and international puppetry organizations.

The Golden Donkey, the Wishing Table and the Magic Stick.

This story is based on a Grimm's fairy tale and is performed by two puppeteers using a combination of hand and rod puppets. The program begins with a pre-show introduction that includes references to books on puppetry and fairy tales. After the show some puppets are brought out into the audience and used in a question-and-answer discussion of puppetry. This show is suitable for audiences aged 5 to adult and sizes up to 200.

The Garden Show
The Garden Show depicts the story of two gardeners who, through misunderstandings, inclement weather, and shared adversity come to know each other better. The show is presented with hand puppets, live music, and sound effects, but without words. 

Other Shows
We currently have another show, "The Three Billy Goats Gruff." This is performed in a "Renaissance" style, and is well-suited to out-of-doors venues.

Click here to see scenes from our shows. To book a puppet show, you may contact us through the e-mail link below.

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